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Sat May 15, 2010 8:49 pm by Reia Ruan
You heard me right, bitch. <3

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 Division and Sword Magic.

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Kekkei Genkai : Division
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PostSubject: Division and Sword Magic.   Tue Mar 03, 2009 3:09 am

Maruze's special jutsu is Sword Magic. He can use this with any sword weapon that he touches.

Sword Magic:

Oil Blade: Sword becomes very slippery and slimy, but still extremely sharp at the same time. When Maruze cuts something solid, it is weakened by the Oil Blade.

Stun Blade: Sword surges with a paralyzing energy current. If it makes contact, it causes temporary paralysis.

Sleep Blade: A slash from this special blade makes whoever touches the blade part go to sleep as well as get cut. The foe will not wake up so long as they keep getting cut with the Sleep Blade, however anything else with instantly awaken them.

Confusion Blade: A blade that causes confusion. The foe will not be able to see Maruze correctly or walk or move correctly, and hitting Maruze will be very difficult until the disorientation wears off.

Air Render: A slash in the air from a special glowing blade that creates blades of energy that cuts through the air to slice up the opponent. Wind force, no matter how strong, has no affect on it.

Ice Blade: Sword becomes colder than the arctic, releasing an icy steam from it. This sword has the ability to freeze most things on contact as well as withstand and dispel the greatest of heats and fires. It can also release shockwaves of ice spires from the ground.

Snow Blade: Sword becomes white and frosty, releasing an icy steam similar to that of the Ice Blade. It is able to create brutal blizzards at will as make the entire field snowy. Whenever the ground is covered in snow, Maruze can instantaneously go underground and pop up anywhere so long as the Snow Blade is active.

Hail Storm: (After using Ice Blade or Snow Blade) (Ice Blade) Nonstop ice shards come from the Ice Blade that are super sharp and super slim to ride the the wind or cut through the air. They may also rain straight down from the sky. (Snow Blade) High speed wind in the form of a snow tornado blizzard... thing. Large clods of compact snow and ice can be summoned to fall from the sky, too.

Slow Blade: The timespace around the blade becomes extremely slowed down, though the blade itself and the speed that Maruze swings it does not get affected, however whatever is cut is severely slowed down for a short period of time. AGAIN, MARUZE AND HOW FAST HE SWINGS THE BLADE IS NOT AFFECTED, JUST WHATEVER IS CUT BY HIS BLADE.

Bloody Blade: A vampiric magic that allows Maruze to suck the blood and chakra/magic from whatever he cuts, making it twice as deadly.

Poison Blade: Blade secretes highly dangerous poisons. A slight cut from this blade can leave you with a great amount of deadly poisons in your body.

Maim Blade: Maruze's blade becomes 10 times more powerful and able to slash through the toughest steel easily. The speed also increases significantly. Not only that, one blade becomes 3 jagged blades on one handle.

Blade of Doom: A horrific strike to the ground which raises the ground around him into the air and creates a huge crater. Many evil spirits are released from the blade and shoot up and hack up whatever they touch. The resulting slash downwards also creates a magnificent explosion of energy.

Super Blade Rush: Blades shoot around the field like bullets, slicing whatever gets in their way.

Shining Blade of Light: The blade is raised high into the air and creates a magnificent light. This light then shoots about from the blade in all directions and pierces through all shadows and evil, as well as burns through many substances. It has the ability to be reflected.

Straight Cutter: Energy shoots straight out of the blade, able to cut through heavy and thick steel. The energy from these blades seems to extend straight outward forever.

Blade-Man Combo: Maruze fuses with his blades, able to make the sword blades jut out of his body at random, making his entire body a weapon.

Plant Blade: Sword becomes able to control and create plants of all kinds, but it becomes weak to fire and ice.

Glass Cutter: Maruze is able to shatter most any solid substance with his glowing blade into millions of shattered 'glass' pieces and then convert them into Soul Energy for himself.

Psi Blade: A blade wrapped in psychic energies that allows Maruze to levitate things, stop things using a psychic force, and distort what he slashes to a certain degree. It has the power to deflect most elemental attacks that come near it.

Viper Strike: 1) Maruze makes many supersonic, short range stabs with his swords 2) soul energy omits from Maruze's body and makes a snake head (can go up to half as many swords on the field) with 2 swords in their mouths as fangs.

Scorpion's Sting: 1) Maruze makes many fast, long range stabs with his sword, slower than the Viper Strike. 2) Omits souls energy from the body that connects to each of the swords on the field. Automatically, when in range of the swords, they stab at the foe without fail. This is automatic, meaning no matter where you are, as long as you are in range, you will be stabbed.

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Male Number of posts : 80
Kekkei Genkai : Division
Registration date : 2009-03-03

PostSubject: Re: Division and Sword Magic.   Tue Mar 03, 2009 3:21 am

Kekkei Genkai: Division.

Division is a very special and very unique ability that allows Maruze to divide his weapon into many many different copies of itself with all of the same statistics like power and durability and such. The most he can do at the moment is 100. The Division does not stop there, however. If he uses Division with a cut, he might just split something into 2 smaller version of themselves and half their power by 2. So imagine Maruze cuts a full cat with his Division in play. The cat will turn into 2 kittens that have difficulty walking. Things like that, you know? Maruze's Kekkei Genkai is not only Division, but his Soul Wavelength is also Division.


Speed Division: A slash from a special glowing blade that drops the foe's speed greatly if it makes contact.

Chakra/Energy Division: A slash from a special glowing blade that drops the foe's chakra by a quarter.

Power Division: A slash from a special glowing blade that drops the foe's power by half if it makes contact.

Infinite Blades: Divides his blade into multiple blades.

Infinite Cuts: Maruze continuously cuts something making 100 slashes with all of his blades.

Infinite Cuts; Division Slash: Same as above, only all of his swords are Division Blades, so instead of just cutting, they cut and divide.

Health Division: Maruze uses Division on whatever ailment plagues him, ranging from poison to a grave illness, and just separates it from his body, leaving him healthy.

Division Blade: His blade glows and is able to split anything in half as long as it is glowing.

Waru no Zenkai: Maruze's sword glows and becomes larger by a great deal he makes one superfast long range cut that releases a huge wave that splits whatever is in its way in 2.

Illusion Division: Maruze's Blade rips through all of the illusions near him and in his general area and reveals them to be what they truly are.

Oblivion Division: When someone comes close to him, he traps them with his soul, making them unable to move, then he proceeds to cut the foe's chakra, energy, or body (whatever he chooses) by first an sixteenth, an eighth, a quarter, half, then one final strike to finish it off.

Nerve Division: Maruze makes precise and intricate slashes at the body that separates nerves without him actually slashing into them, though it still requires physical contact. Whatever nerve he hits, he can cut it and make whatever it was connected to useless.

Mind Division: A slash to the head that makes the foe unable to do more than one thing at a time (For example, if you are hit with this, you cannot use jutsu/magic and walk/jump at the same time, and if you can't use multiple jutsu at once, and you cannot defend and use jutsu at the same time unless it's a defensive jutsu.)

Wavelength Division: Maruze sends his soul wavelength through his blades and into whoever he cuts and if he makes contact, the foe will be unable to use a Soul Partner Weapon.

Heavy Division: Allows him to break down combined attacks to their simplest form (such as a Fire and Lightning mixed attack would be slashed and become fire and lightning separately, and also the course would be redirected by the blade.)

Man Division: Maruze splits himself into however many perfect copies he needs, 100 at most.

Division Soul: Maruze's Division Soul allows him to Touch things and divide them in 2 or put 2 things that are divided back together again. It also allows him to separate fatal plagues, like curses or horrible sicknesses and illnesses, or hell, even evil spirits or unwanted impurities from his body and the body of others using Division.
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Division and Sword Magic.
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