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Warped and distorted to the point of no return; separated from most others... The old and new clash in a contest of wills... This is Distorted Reality
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Sat May 15, 2010 8:49 pm by Reia Ruan
You heard me right, bitch. <3

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 RiaruKage's Technique

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PostSubject: RiaruKage's Technique   Wed Feb 25, 2009 12:04 am

Ok here's my list .My Kekki Genkai powers is in my Life Story so check there for that

Captus Flammeus
Possibly used to strangle the enemy like a rope but instead using flames

Vinctus Aquarius
The water-based version of captus flammeus

Frozen Earth
This spell causes all moisture near the earth's surface to instantly freeze, causing jagged pillars of ice to jut up from the ground. If not dodged effectively, the opponent's feet will be likewise frozen to the spot, immobilizing them.

A basic healing jutsu heals wounds.

Lightning Lance
A medium-range but powerful Lightning-element attack. I make a downward-sweeping motion and hits the target with a massive electrical attack. Slows the target down on impact.

Element Clone
This jutsu evokes, or summons elemental spirits that serve the caster, and can be directed to attack or capture an enemy.

A jutsu designed to disarm enemies of their equipment with a powerful burst of elemental magic.

Conjures a powerful tornado around the caster that can last forever.

Causes a powerful wind to blow in the direction I chose
White Lightning
A powerful blast of electricity from the my palm.

Red Blaze
A medium-level fire blast that is shot out of my hand and goes in random directions

Lightning Spears
A jutsu which creates several enormous lances made of all elements.

Hailstone Spears
An Ice-element version of Lightning Spear

A Fire and Darkness-element jutsu in which I store a massive amount of chakra inside me which can be released

Nocturna Nigredinis
A large shadow figure spouts out of my back. It's power over the darkness is to me admired. When in it's max power mode it absorbs all physical attacks.

Colossal Impact:
I the oxygen in the area starts to be drawn into and spirals around my arm changeling into the strongest elements. My arm starts to glow a pale blue and a powerful punch is delivered to the opponent. The punch sends the opponent flying across the field. This punch will scatter bones and can crush even the strongest martial. This attack can become long range.

A curse jutsu that weakens a the chakra on the person I cast it on

Ion Storm
A powerful long-range jutsu that combines Wind and Thunder chakra and unleashes them at the enemy in a massive storm of destructive energy like a hurricane.

Dark Storm
A variation of Ion Storm but uses Ice and Dark chakra instead

Prison Ray
A jutsu were the user's finger will shoot forth a concentrated beam of element energy, similar to a laser beam, that petrifies everything it hits.

Eternal Glacier
The target and its surrounding space is first made frozen then the demobilized enemy shatter to pieces

A jutsu used for sealing others into objects.

A chakra barrier that uses air currents to protect against fire, ice, poison gas, and other air-related attacks.

The caster gathers ambient water from the air and fuses it into a gigantic ball of ice, which is then dropped onto the target

A light fog appears around the caster, causing anyone else within its range to fall asleep for a short time. It is also possible to affect only one person.

Breath of Stone
Two beams are shot from my eyes this attack can barely grazed you, but its effect spread throughout your body Although the spell is not meant to kill if it reaches your neck you will be suffocated to death petrified

The caster creates a number of elemental magic missiles and fires them at the target

This jutsu is like an armor that will completely absorb chakra attacks into me, thereby gaining its properties.

Break Down
Reality it self begins to fall apart into nothingness. I am then allowed to reshape it as I see fit.

Sekiha Tenkyoken
A large beam (about 70ft wide and 50ft high) with a large ball of soul chakra and other element chakra at the front of the beam is fired at my opponent

Big Bang
A punch is delivered making the air around my target compress and then makes a huge explosion.

Other Skills
*Flying, Floating, Flash Step, Teleporting, All Kido (from bleach)*

((More To Come Soon))

The Closer You Get To The Light The Greater Your Shadow Becomes

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RiaruKage's Technique
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