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Warped and distorted to the point of no return; separated from most others... The old and new clash in a contest of wills... This is Distorted Reality
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Sat May 15, 2010 8:49 pm by Reia Ruan
You heard me right, bitch. <3

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 Pumpkinhead's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Pumpkinhead's Jutsu   Tue Mar 31, 2009 10:29 pm


Halloween Destroyer: 1) Pumpkinhead shoots whatever color flame he has (its effect included) through his mouth and eyes to a seemingly endless distance with such power that it burns and rips through anything weaker than it with ease. Anything matching its power or more powerful than it makes the fire explode. It can only go in the direction Pumpkinhead's head is facing. 2) Pumpkinhead focuses a pumpkin around fire then fires from his mouth/hands a yellowish orange beam that traps whatever's in the beam's path, making the chance of escape slim, then fires the energy flame pumpkin, which explodes in a great way.

Pumpkinrod: Pumpkinhead shoves long metal needles through his head that attract lightning and feed his flame instead of exploding his pumpkin head. He can also put his new spiked head on one of his swords or use it as a spikeball weapon thing...

Pumpkin Seeds: 1) Shoots pumpkin seeds of dimensional and nature energy from the mouth like bullets. 2) Plants pumpkin seeds of dimensional and nature energy to grow into perfect Pumpkinhead clones with all of his power and abilities.. But they require time to grow. 3) Spits tiny pumpkin seeds into the foe and has a dimensional pumpkin grow inside the foe.

Jack O' Lantern: Pumpkinhead's head becomes extremely large and disconnects from his body, blowing fire of different colors randomly. His head becomes huge and the dimensional iron forms into a giant metal pumpkin head. The head acts on its own will and can spew large amounts of fire in one breath. It can also excrete an intense explosion of flames from all around itself.

Lantern Assist: Pumpkinhead's flame assists him by doing one of these powerups according to color: Red = Giant Power fists; Blue = Pumpkinhead gets cold feet (Literally. Freezes on contact); Green = Pumpkinhead can create illusions of himself; Purple = Pumpkinhead has poison spikes come out of his hands; Black = Pumpkinhead can make multiple exploding black flames attack a foe. Color can't be changed once activated until it is deactivated and then reactivated again with a different color.

Pumpkin Patch: 1)Pumpkinhead's head multiplies into countless copies of itself. They all can use Pumpkinhead's fire, but may only use one color at a time. Not to mention, Pumpkinhead may switch his real fire with a copy fire at will, making him hard to catch unless all pumpkins are destroyed. The maximum pumpkins Pumpkinhead can create are 333, including himself. 2) Pumpkinhead creates an endless amount of floating pumpkins that rain down from above and explode on contact. They also can lock onto the foe, if Pumpkinhead wishes. The instant they explode, another appears to take its place, making them seem like an endless barrage. 3) The entire field is engulfed in pumpkins. The pumpkins may explode like land mines, spit an unending amount of fire or trap foes with their roots.
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Pumpkinhead's Jutsu
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