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Warped and distorted to the point of no return; separated from most others... The old and new clash in a contest of wills... This is Distorted Reality
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Sat May 15, 2010 8:49 pm by Reia Ruan
You heard me right, bitch. <3

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Reality's Insanity
Reality's Insanity

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PostSubject: SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.   Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:50 pm

At the very moment, Khrona's immediate pit has been sealed shut completely by the Rejection, Insanity, Despair, Condemnation and Fear souls that reside within him and his 2 weapons partners. Even getting near to the entrance is certain death. Khrona has locked himself down in the darkness of his abode for special purposes. There he sat, in the darkness... Misery and Despair being nowhere to be found. Just Khrona and an endless abyss of darkness, insanity... and fear. Khrona's head was down and he was curled up in a ball on what was assumed to be the ground, motionless. For what reason? It was unclear... Soon, 3 huge vertical eyes opened up, gleaming in the darkness. They were green and merely outlines, but they provided a faint glow. The darkness was too thick for even them to glow correctly. Khrona raised his head, staring directly at all of them. The eyes spoke to him

3 Eyes: What is it you think that you are doing here, young one...?

Khrona: I'm hiding... in my house...

3 Eyes: From what are you hiding..?

Khrona: Everyone... Everything... They're all bad for me... I don't know how to deal with it...

3 Eyes: Aren't you supposed to be running this village...?

Khrona: How can I run it when I can't seem to stay stable...

3 Eyes: Stable? What do you mean...? Could you mean...

In unison: Insanity...? Yes... Insanity....

Khrona: I can't help it... All that happens is insanity insanity insanity... I can't control it... It won't stay out of me...

3 Eyes: Then embrace insanity... Insanity is contagious, you know, and it spreads quite fast... Perhaps you could spread the insanity..?

Khrona: No, no... That would be bad... I can't bear to spread the insanity about the village... The Kishin--

3 Eyes: The Kishin Asura.

Khrona: Yes... He is insanity... He's insane... I think...

3 Eyes: Well, it isn't hard... You're already far gone.

Upon Khrona's face now were the 3 eyes, seeming to be imprinted into his skin as his actual eyes, now. 3 vertical eyes embedded into his very head, and what else? A demented and crazed smile...

Khrona: Eheheheh... Yes... Lost within the insanity... Within the darkness...

A blast of energy from around Khrona returned him to normal "Eh.. Wait... Wait... Wait... Waitwaitwaitwaitwaiwaiwaiwaiwaiiit... I felt something not of me... I didn't like it... But at the same time, I did... What was--"

3 Eyes: The Kishin Asura. Your body has been infected by the soul of the Kishin. Nay, I shan't say infected... I should say... 'influenced.' Your insanity grows ever more like that of the Kishin's... Soon yours and his motives will become one, combined, conjoined... You and him shall work together to spread this insanity throughout the land... And you will like it.

Khrona smiled, his mouth drooling... no, melting off of his face "Yes... I will like it... Serving the Kishin... No, BECOMING the Kishin..."

Everything was silent. Khrona. The Eyes. The Darkness. Silence befell them. Khrona suddenly started to scream. A blood curdling, resonating scream that echoed throughout the endless depths of his darkened pit of a home. It would carry out through the entire village... You wonder why? Khrona's home is conneted to every single place under the village... Great for spreading insanity. Khrona continued to scream..


Khrona's screams... his voice... it had become black, just like his blood. There was little he could do to escape now... But something about him just allowed him to break free of the grasp of total insanity time and time again. There was a loud breaking of glass heard, and it was Khrona returning... or losing the border between... sanity and insanity. Khrona stared blankly at the 3 eyes, mouth twitching.

3 Eyes: It seems as though you are unwillingly resisting... What is this?

Khrona: I'm not... I don't... Perhaps... It could be... Weapons?

3 Eyes: Ah. I see. Tell me... Why do you have these weapons?

Khrona: To... Misery... Despair... Two... To defend myself... My fragile body... Of course?

3 Eyes: I see a different reason. You keep them out of... Fear.

Khrona twitched a bit "Fear..." His Fear soul became apparent... But what was wrong? He could not see it bordering himself... What was wrong with it...? No, wait, it was clear... His fear soul... His fear itself... It had covered every single crevice and crack of his home, a partial bit of the surface and then some. Khrona's fear... And his insanity... Both of them were an astronomically large soul now.

The 3 Eyes focused on Khrona "You keep those weapons out of fear of your own death, right? But... Can you die, now? Or... Are you already dead? Your blood is blackened. Tainted. Tainted with my insanity. You are a part of me... Ironic, really, since your soul is what revived me.. You are part of me physically... and I am part of you spiritually. How very... very funny. Enjoy a laugh with me. A slight chuckle. Ahahahahaha.."

Khrona began to laugh "Ha..hahaha.. Ahahaha...Ha...ha..ha... AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" Khrona bent backwards, writhing about with his pelvis thrusted high into the air. He continued this crazed laughed, many needles protruding from his body in the process... His black blood was reacting. It pushed him up off of the floor, into the ceiling, into the walls and then back down to the floor. All Khrona could do was laugh.

3 Eyes: How deep you have fallen into the pit of insanity... Moreso, of fear... This is how I became a Kishin... It would be wonderful if you could do the same...

The 3 Eyes then slowly closed, staring intensely at Khrona, becoming 3 vertical lines before finally disappearing. Khrona had his hands to his face, peering out through the openings of his fingers... looking through one, no both... no, all 3 of his eyes. Khrona finally fell silent, lying completely on the ground, shuddering from the insanity and fear that he felt. Shuddering from the darkness... this abyss of his house... Shuddering from the coldness that he felt... the coldness of death, but at the same time, the brisk chill of life... Khrona lay flat in his own pool of insanity and fear.
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Reality's Insanity
Reality's Insanity

Male Number of posts : 490
Kekkei Genkai : DNA Absorbtion/Merging/Altering/Adapting
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PostSubject: Re: SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.   Sun Apr 12, 2009 8:58 am

In another part of Khrona's house, there stood Misery on a wall. She, of course, heard the screams of Khrona, yet she did nothing to help him... Mostly because it was almost a normal thing for him to scream, though his scream was a bit.. off this time around. She paid it no mind.

Misery: Gaaaah... What's this Khrona is doing? I can't be trapped here for a long period of time. I need BLOODSHED! I need DESTRUCTION! I need to satisfying CONDEMNATION and INSANITY of my SOUL to ELIMINATE ALL WHO STAND IN MY WAY!

Misery fell silent. It was true that she was malicious and malevolent, but... Not to this extent. She was panting a bit hard, smiling in a fashion that revealed most of her teeth in a wide and insane smile. She ran her fingers through her hair "Aaaah, shit... What the hell is going on with me? I feel so... violent... And I'm not even sure why... Like I have to spill the blood and eat the flesh of all who oppose me..."

Just then, thousands of glowing, vertical eyes appeared everywhere around her, with a small bit of what looked like electricity coming from them, but it was actually insanity. Misery stared at all of them, her arms changing into their sword and scythe forms "Oho.. Someone's here... And I don't plan on letting them get away..."

Eyes: Really? If someone is here, would you care to elaborate on who?

Misery frowned "Shut up, smartass! Zero Sanity!" She slashed the air, releasing a large wave of her Insanity Soul to shatter these eyes. The eyes in the area closed, disappearing completely and having the attack miss. Then they opened back up, larger than before.

Eyes: You have no clue what we are... We are insanity. Insanity does not affect insanity. Insanity only makes us grow. Attack us however much you wish, but we will not disappear, for we are just the infected insanity that resides within yourself. Hehehe... Fun, isn't it?

Misery snarled, her eyes narrowing "SHUT UP!" She tried to slash at them even more, this time with Condemnation Soul so that she could either rip out the souls of these things or kill them instantly with the instant death of her weapon.

The eyes closed once again, then opened when she was done, bigger than before "You don't get it... You cannot destroy us. We are the Kishin. We are part of you now. Your insanity is within us. We are... Insane. Together."

Misery shrieked out a cry of bloodlust and war. She continued to slash at them. This time, the eyes did not close, though they still continued to grow. And grow. And grow.

Eyes: More insanity... More insanity... The more rage you have, the more insane you become... You'll become like him soon enough... Soon enough... *the eyes disappear*

Misery was starting to freak out. Everywhere, she saw nothing but eyes... And soon she began to see mouths... She tried to slash at them, but nothing worked. She continued her slashing assault, but again, nothing worked on them. Her movements became sloppy and destructive, also indiscriminate of what was around her. The eyes had long disappeared, though Misery still saw them... She had to keep slashing or else they would get her and destroy her... And she had to get off her bloodlust and war filled urges... Though eventually she came to a conclusion. They were inside of her. If she were to open herself up, she could get them quickly... Yes... Open herself up... She took her sword blade and stuck it straight into her chest, slashing down ward slowly to make a type of large incision going from the tip of her neck down to her vagina. From the hanging flesh shot out her scythe blades, which curled around her intestines and organs and muscle and tore them out, ripping each of them to millions of pieces. She shoved her sword into her bones, shattering them in their entirety "Where is the soul..? Where is the soul..? Where is the SOUL...?" She shoved her sword into the place of what used to be her ribcage and shoved it straight up her neck and into her skull, the sword coming up from the top of her head. She pulled it through her front, shredding her face and neck into nothingness as she did so, and her body fell down... Dead... "The soul... I can't find the soul... My soul... Its soul... It's inside of me... But where?" Everything that had just happened... a hallucination. Misery did indeed fall to the ground, and she lay flat on her back, her eyes darting about crazily, both of them looking in the opposite direction as the other at all time "WHERE IS THE SOUL!? WHERE DID MY SOUL GO!?!? WHERE IS IT!? MY SOUL!!! I WANT IT BACK! GIVE IT TO ME!!!! I WANT MY SOUL BACK, KISHIN! GIVE ME MY SOUUUUUUUULLLLLL!! AAAAAUUUUAAAAAAAAGH!!!" She then fell to silence, giggling a bit to herself "It's already gone... I'm already lost... Heehee..."
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Reality's Insanity
Reality's Insanity

Male Number of posts : 490
Kekkei Genkai : DNA Absorbtion/Merging/Altering/Adapting
Registration date : 2009-02-20

PostSubject: Re: SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.   Mon Apr 13, 2009 7:09 pm

In another part of Khrona's pit, in a corner that was believe it or not, darker than the rest of the pit sat Despair, staring out into the abyss with a depressingly cute smile on her face. She heard the screams of Khrona and Misery, but after all, living with those two, screams such as those sounded normal to her. She didn't seem to do much, or want to do much, for that matter. She just sat and closed her eyes... Eventually, a ring of vertical eyes opened up around her, and she opened her woeful eyes slowly, gazing at the few in front of her "Oh, why hello there... I am dreadfully happy to see you here!"

Eyes: Yes.. My presence here is your doom...

Despair: Lovely. Oh, but where are my manners... I am Despair A La Discord, weary to meet you, ... um...

Eyes: Insanity. Call me... insanity.

Despair: Ah, Insanity... I know of that well... Mostly from my colleagues. So, Insanity... How are you?

Eyes: I am quite fine, thanks... But I'll be better if I can feast on your soul...

Despair: Mournfully sorry, but I cannot allow this to happen... My soul is full of rejection and despair... On literal terms, no one has the ability to eat it.

Eyes: I'll make a way... I will control your mind and devour it from the inside.

Despair: Is that a fact? I am quite devastated that I cannot participate more in this...

Eyes: ... You participate enough by letting me... feast on your soul..

Despair paused "Wait, I just realized, you're hungry, aren't you? Would you care for some tea and some riceballs? I must warn you, the rice balls are filled with blood, so if you don't like blood, I can make something else..."

Eyes: No, that's quite alright... Seriously though, what is it with you, lady? Why aren't you being corrupted?

Despair: I wouldn't have the slightest idea. Did you try Khrona? Or Misery? Maybe they'll play along!

Eyes: .. Maybe it was a mistake to come to you... I mean, really...

Despair: Hm... Are you tired of my talking? Perhaps I'll stop, then...

The Eyes did not hear Despair, for now they are speaking to themselves "Ugh... stupid little... Always gotta... Marf, marf marf.

Despair was silent.

Eyes: I can't do anything with you... Oh, your soul... I see now... It is filled with Rejection, so I cannot enter unless you put it down...

Despair was silent.

Eyes: Was it... Something I did or said?

Despair was silent.

Eyes: ... Are you still down to earth?

Despair was silent.

Eyes: Or perhaps the insanity is taking place...

Despair was silent.

The eyes were silent.

Despair was silent.

The eyes were silent.

Despair was silent.

The eyes were silent.

Despair was silent.

Eyes: ... Okay, why aren't you talking? It's creepy.

Despair: Oh, I am most dreadfully sorry... I thought you didn't like my voice bothering you, so I made myself silent. Again, I apologize...

Eyes: Girl... You are... Gah... I see how it is... You shall become one with the Kishin Asura.. one with me... soon enough...

Despair: Oh, so you're Kishin Asura? I've heard so much about you... What a woeful honor it is...

Eyes: Gah... You just make me want to leave you... Why did I even come here in the first place... No, wait, I see.. Your soul... That of Rejection... You were meant only to reject anything and everything around you, including insanity. No wonder it's not working... Hahaha, to live a life being rejected by all things... Must be a painful burden, hm? No wonder your soul of Despair is so strong... Filled with pain, suffering and solitude... No one can like you. Not with that rejection. You put everyone down into a pit of hopeless despair. This is why only Khrona and Misery are right for you, for they do this to everyone around them, as well... Hopeless. You're hopeless...

Despair froze. Her eyes shrunk as she remembered the thoughts of how everyone cursed her and hated her because she brought nothing but sadness to the ones she cared for most. Her Rejection soul had now become weak, filling with Despair...

Eyes: Ah, good... The rejection is weak, and insanity may enter... Insanity will provide you with what you need... Asura will not reject you... Or your 2 friends. I will make you one with me so you will have someone who won't reject you.. forever. Don't you want to be accepted? I accept you... Now you must accept insanity...

Despair: Yes... Kishin... Kishin wants me... Asura, you know my pain... You can help me... Right?

Eyes: "Yes... I can help you. Insanity will fill you completely and you will not be alone... rejected... in despair... any longer..." *all of the eyes close slowly, leaving Despair to herself*

Despair gives a weak, yet still depressing smile, her eyes lost and filled also with a melancholy insanity. Her fingers changed into razors "This pain.. This pain... Only pain can cleanse me of pain..." With her index finger lined with a razor, she rolled up the sleeve to the opposite arm and made a tiny cut "Pain... Sorrow... Suffering... Misery... Despair..." As she continued to cut, she moved further and further up her arm and she became more violent with her cuts. She rolled up the sleeve to the other arm and proceeded with the same thing, violently slashing at her arm with her razor fingers. Next she raised her fingers too her forehead, gripping it tightly as to make wounds all over her face, most noticeable in the cheek area. She giggled a bit to herself, then began to carve 3 large vertical eyes into her forehead, the blood streaming down looking like tears. From this, she felt she needed to go farther.. She took off her cloakdress, completely naked now, and began to swiftly and maliciously slash at her entire body, making several wounds and cuts all over herself. On her stomach, she carved again 3 vertical eyes spread horizontally across, the eyes of insanity, the eyes of the Kishin. On the back of her hands, she carved the same 3 eyes as on her forehead and her stomach, getting both hands. She finally fell to her knees, staring blankly at the darkness, blood trickling all down her body and suddenly, she began to shed tears. Her body did not move, yet she shed tears. Her tears were black. They streamed down her face, mixing with her blood, and her cloak finally took it upon itself to cloth her once again. If she were to lose too much blood, the cloak would take her to Khrona to get healed. Despair sat there, motionless, bleeding and crying black tears where no one could see her.
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Reality's Insanity
Reality's Insanity

Male Number of posts : 490
Kekkei Genkai : DNA Absorbtion/Merging/Altering/Adapting
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PostSubject: Re: SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.   Wed Apr 15, 2009 5:34 am

Eventually, all 3 of them congregated somewhere in this place. They all walked in a disorderly function, something mixed like a drunkard and a drug addict... and a cripple... and a zombie at the same time. Let's just call it the walk of insanity. They all met with each other... Khrona began to scream. Misery began to laugh. Despair was silent. They all looked at each other and then they all looked down a certain pathway. "Kishin Asura..." they said in unison "... This way..." A huge eye opened up in that certain path and started to float in the direction they needed to go. They followed. The eye spoke to them "I will take you to Asura through this network of underground pits... Asura should be directly under one of them." The 3 of them followed the eye without a doubt for it, Khrona's head twitching, Misery's eyes twitching and Despair virtually motionless, floating by means of her cloak. The eye soon came to a stop. "He is here. The Kishin is above this pit... He will take you down the path of insanity.. and freedom." Khrona mumbled under his breath "... Insanity..." Misery mumbled, as well "... Freedom..." Despair was still silent. Khrona took hold of both of them and took one great flap, which would send him straight to the top of this incredibly and unnaturally deep pit... Leading him to the Kishin's Dwelling.
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