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Warped and distorted to the point of no return; separated from most others... The old and new clash in a contest of wills... This is Distorted Reality
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Sat May 15, 2010 8:49 pm by Reia Ruan
You heard me right, bitch. <3

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 Spade's Techs

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Twilight Paragon Hakumeikage

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PostSubject: Spade's Techs   Tue Apr 14, 2009 11:53 pm

Special Ablities:
Alter Power: Allows me to break apart Spirit Particles to make powerful Weapons
Forever Eyes : 9 eyes that posses different powers
Vortex:Allows me to cancel kekkei Genakai for short amount of time
Ripple: Allows me to see into the future
Will-o-Wisp: Allows me to take Spirits from or place spirits into a body and see spirit energy
Shuriken: Allows me to cut through anything
Reverse: Allows me to slow down, speed up, or reverse time
Triple Swirl: Allows me to gain one other charka nature than my own
Biohazard:Allows me to create surges of energy anywhere including inside a body
Branched: Allows me to enter someones mind
Triangular:Allows me to disrupt chakra flow

Primordial Fire: My fire techniques use the first fire ever created it is hotter that 2 million suns combined.

Basic Techniques :
Emp barrier: Stop any lighting chakra from getting through

Shadow Arch genjutsu : Traps opponent in genjustsu were it make them think the themselves is the opponent and any damage done to fake opponent is transfered to real opponent

Achilles Heel : Spinning leg drop

Light wave : Burst of light chakra is blasted toward opponent

Darkness Wave : Burst of darkness chakra is lasted at opponent

Shadow gun : Dark chakra is concentrated into tip of finger and is blasted at opponent.

Black Rain Jutsu : Obsidian rain falls over battle field weighting opponent down as they get wet.

Hades Salvation : Shadow clones surround opponent in five directions and from a pentagram of fire. The fire seals off any Bloodline Limit for a period of six days.

Iron Reaver: A masses huge amount of wind and earth chakra in wings turning them into adamentium I fly toward the oppenent 1 mach 3 speed slashing right through them

Chakra movement Jutsu : Can move all of opponents chakra to on part of body increasing techniques 200 fold but charka is used at an alarming rate

Poseidon's Fantasia: Gysers of water come from underground at high pressure ans spin until hurricane forms.

Fallen Zeus spears Jutsu : Comes flying at opponent twisting and gathering black lightning chakra into ball.

Metal summoner: Mastery of all metal

Blind mans bluff : Spins in air and creates a beam lightning that spreads 300 feet

Giga Getsuga Tenshou : Golden cresent shaped blade flies at opponent

Koiton Blade:Blade of dark energy.

Shining Rasengan: A ball of light and wind chakra moving at mach 12 speed.

Phoenix rising: Genjutsu were opponent thinks hes being engulfed in flames.

Purification: Hallows the battle field and doubles the power of of angels uses up a alot of chakra.

Sanctified: 1080 beads at end of sword ensnare opponent and lightning chakra electrocutes them 1080 times.

Damnantion: 1080 beads load into the groove of the sword the beads release 1080 damned souls intothe sword hellfire is released from the tip of the blade in a spiral.

Two stirke rakiri: Charging two lightning blade charged one in each fist can cut through anything.

Draco cannon : Flying chidori/Grandfireball jutsu

Hark the Herald : Chains expel from my body and tie themselves to enemy. I begin to rotate in a circle mid air with enemy in tow *Think of a swing going over the top bar* Throws 2 swords at them and finish with a downward kick to the face.

Special moves:

Jack of Spades:Expels Darkness Chakra around battlefield 6 mile blast radius.

Blade rain Jutsu: (Used with Black Rain Jutsu) Rain drops turn into infinite small and sharp blade cutting opponent into pieces.

Stardust Summoning: Summons Stardust Dragon


Ace of Spade : 4 blades surround me drawing power for all and expels sonic boom, emp,firestorm,tsunami,and rockslide from 5 different directions

Limit Breaks

Limit 1 : Releases 1 Level of Spiritual Pressure increasing my power and speed 30 fold

Limit 2 : Releases Spirits of Hellfire,Demonic Darkness,and Angelic light along with increasing my spirit control

Limit 3 : unlocks another level of spiritual pressure allowing me to use limit break techniques.

Limit 4 : Gives me total control of inertia for 9 minutes then my power is gone for 666 minutes
Limit breaks :

Phantasmal Circus :Surrounds enemy with Spirit energy equal to the amount of chakra they are using at the time and begins to eat it turning it into death energy.

Divine Intervention : Giant Vortex of light appears under my feet gathering energy from everything arond into my right hand from then on everything I touch with that hand turns into chakra.

Judgment : uses 1500000000 newtons of collected charka and spiritual pressure to create fluxuations in time and space creating chaos anomolies in designated area
Alter Level 1 Techs:
Black remorse : A huge blast of Hellfire and dark energy is expelled from my fist spanning 30000 feet
Shining Fingers : Light energy is collected into my hands as I grab opponents head and begin to crush it
Fatal blast Exterminating bullet Number one : Spirit energy is gathered inside crimson judgment and release through jets on the sides and propels me forward to deliver devastating punch (Close range does Devastating amount of damage)
Typoon Exterminating bullet Number two : Wind and water energy wrap around my fist and a hurricane in the form of a bullet is release from my fist
Gardna : Diamonds and magma form around crimson judgment in a shield
Repentance Final bullet : Black spirit energy is collected along with F5 hurricane force winds, hellfire, and the energy of a 10.5 earthquake combined into one destructive punch (If it connects you wont survive) (Can be combined with exterminating bullet number 1)
Alter Level 2 techa:
Smite: Seprah amasses i giant amount of lightning chakra and lets it out in one big burst
Blessing: Creates shield of pure spiritual pressure
Iron Maiden: Sucks opponent intoa black hole
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Spade's Techs
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