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Warped and distorted to the point of no return; separated from most others... The old and new clash in a contest of wills... This is Distorted Reality
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Sat May 15, 2010 8:49 pm by Reia Ruan
You heard me right, bitch. <3

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 Kiteratsu's Outerworldly Powers

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PostSubject: Kiteratsu's Outerworldly Powers   Wed Apr 15, 2009 12:01 am

Plasma Ripple-begins a series of eruptions of lava that circle the opponent and bursts through the earth under and around the opponent.

Lava wave- Creates a giant wave of Plasma that rushes the opponent.

Electrical Charge-Calls lightning from the sky to body to slowly regenerate.

Reverse wave- Uses stored up energy from lightning strikes and releases it in a paralyzing wave.

Electric discs-Summons electrified razor discs and home in on the target and Emmit an electric shock wave once they come in contact or immediately miss.

Elemental energy shield-my gauntlet surrounds my body with a protective shield that absorbs elemental energy under my control.

Plasma bomb-I begin to rapidly shoot large lava deposits from my left hand that attach to the target and explode

Bladed Light Strike-I grasp two swords and begin to spin in a twister at my opponent

Lightning rupture-I place my hands on the ground and transfer lightning energy that disrupts the ground around the target any surges electricity through their body

Bullet barrage-I jump into the air and with my cross begin to rapidly fire the gun at my opponent batter my opponent with a bullet barrage finishing with a rocket shell

Entrapment-I melt the ground under my foe which causes them to sink in and then I harden the lava trapping them

Impaling Volt- I stab my foe in the midsection and send tons of volts of lightning into their body that spread as far as the extremities(like hands and feet

Flaming Burst- Exerts small explosion around my body that does not reach far but the heat is equal to a million megaton bomb(1 Million tons of TNT extremely hot If contacted)

Gambit Finale Combination Attack: Plasma Storm Massacre+Gun Hellrain- Not Yet Revealed

Hot shot- I fly up into the air and thrust myself down twisting into a white hot bullet

ElecVis- I activate my vision that allows me to immerse myself into electric bolts and devices at will

Nitrofreeze- i emit a wave of cold that freezes almost anything instantly

Posideon's Enragement- typhoons of water form as lightning randomly strikes

Ice Impale- i motion ice spikes around and under my opponent

Liquid Slicer- water becomes razor sharp pellets that surround the target and home in

AquisRing- a ring in the ground glows around the opponent which brings up a giant ring of water falls beginning to drown the opponent

SwordPlay- random rapid sword combos(single and dual)

Equator's Divide- I charge the Sword and swing 360 degrees around leveling the area if also the opponent

Arcade Rush- Creates gun which converts into different heavily armed cannons and fires at the opponent

The Carnivale- Specifics revealed later

Interstellar Form- Adjusts body specifics to those equalizied in space meaning extremely hightened gravity area, agility & speed, and becomes one with learned elements

The power of transmutation(alchemy).


Dark Blast- A large blast of darkness

Dark Pools- Highly explosive proximity pools of darkness explode appear on the ground and explode when close

Darklings- countless dark minions, unless specified, are summoned with various moves such as dark bullets and self destruction

Dark Cloud- Clouds of darkness i can use to displace my location or remove limbs if grabbed through

Griffon Army- an army of dark griffons are released that attack the target and explode on contact

Dark clones- one or more copies of myself are created and begin to attack

Regeneration- I can restore any part of my body that is lost

Mind Deteriorate- i insert my hand into my opponents skull and disentegrate their brain instantly

Dexicon Palm- I use a special hand sign and then rush and hit my opponent with my palm infused with special energy

Final Countdown- a timer appears on the opponent after being struck with the Dexicon Palm and counts from 3 posts until the opponent loses use of their chakra

Dark Izuna Drop- I send my opponent flying and then dark cloud up to them, grab them, and spin fall head first to the ground; exploding in darkness upon contact

Death Tomb- darkness encases the opponent and impales them with darkspikes

Orb Shower- Massive orbs of darkness rain down on the battle field with giant explosions

Internal Destruction- When in contact, i send so much darkness into the opponent's body that all of their organs explode simultaniously


Light & Dark claw- Two claws that allow me to rip my opponent from elements they are encased in


Archer Brigade- Winged archers come from the sky and shoot elemental piercing homing arrows until stopped

Blinding Light- self explanatory

Tempest Ultimatum- the field is converted into a dome of light which rapidly shoots beams that explode on contact and then self destructs

Guardian Beam- a beam of light comes down from the sky and blocks oncoming attacks and frees me from binding attacks

Light Blast- same as dark blast but light

AltimPunch- I punch the target with so much light force that they are cut and burned in the cuts

Angelic Delight- thousands of swords fly in all directions and severly cut and possibly sever parts of the opponent's body


Wind Scythe- I call upon blades of wind that attack the opponent

Ultimate tornado- A giant tornado the size of a couple of acres engulfs the field and destroys everything

Oxydrain- I cause the oxygen to be dissapated and not be present in the area

Mini Cyclones- Small Cyclones appear around the battlefield and shoot debris at the opponent

Expansion Killer- Large amounts of helium is forced into the opponent causing them to expand and explode


Poison Parylization- I throw poison tipped blades od stabb the opponent close range with a blade which shuts down movement of the body

Dispelling Nature- My body is able to expell and destroy any interference to the internal body and eliminate any poison or toxic

Construct- I can build, rebuild, and fix anything mechanical and technological

Destruct- I can also deconstruct anything mechanical and technological piece by piece

Psychic power- self explanatory
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Kiteratsu's Outerworldly Powers
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