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Warped and distorted to the point of no return; separated from most others... The old and new clash in a contest of wills... This is Distorted Reality
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Sat May 15, 2010 8:49 pm by Reia Ruan
You heard me right, bitch. <3

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 Zakuzu's Technique

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PostSubject: Zakuzu's Technique   Thu Apr 16, 2009 10:19 am

-Bone Manipulation Techniques-

Note - These bones can handle heat which is around 100 times the heat of the sun.

Spiked Arms - Lets bone spikes come from my arm.

Bone Claws - Bones come from my knuckels making it a claw.

Finger Bullets - Boney bullets come out my fingers and shoot the opponent. One bullet can slice through 40 inches of steel.

Spike Arms - Bones come around my arms ready to peirce and thrust the opponent.

Bone Katana - Lets me pull out a katana made out of bones from my body. Another pair of bones will take it's place the second after.

Spine Whip - Lets me pull out a whip from my spine. A new pair of bones will replace the spine a second after.

Bone Wall - I put my hand's in front of me after signing the seals and a wall of bones appear in front of me. The bones are very hard and cannot be brokken easily.

Bone Regeneration - MY bones automatically form back after they are broken.

Bone Spikes - Giant bone spikes appear out of the ground trying to peirce the opponent.

Bones of Heaven - Spikey Bones come from the sky trying to peirce the opponent.

Bone Spear - I take a bone spear from my stomach and use it as a weapon. A new pair of bones replace it.

Bone Armour - A very hard to break armor of bone comes out of my skin and come on my skin. The bones that were used are replaced.

Bone Crusher - A giant hammer of bone comes out of my hand ready to break the opponents bone.

Bone Forest - Hundreds of bone spikes come from the ground they repeatedly shoot spikes from them.

Bone Dome - Creates domes made of bones.

-Lightning Manipulation Techniques-

Chidori - Lightning appears on my hand ready to thrust the opponent and peirce them.

Raikiri - A stronger version of the chidori. It also raises my speed a bit.

Lightning Rasengan - A rasengan mixed with lightning chakra forms on my hand.

Lightning Dragon Combo - 30 dragons made of lightning come out and attack the opponent in full force and speed.

Lightning Director - I can direct any lightning that touches me.

System Hack: Sends electricity to my hand and then I can hack different systems. (usually for missions and when I play games)

Lightning Wall - A wall of lightning appears before me. If touched the opponent will be shocked and then paralyzed.

Lightning Trap - Sets hundreds of lightning nets around the opponent so they wont get out. If touched the person will get shocked.

Lightning Forest - Lightning comes from the ground and surrounds the opponent.

Lightning Bullets - Bullets of lightning come from my fingers.

-Water Manipulation Techniques-

Water Dragon - A dragon made out of water comes to attack the opponent.

Water Prison - A ball of water forms around the opponent. The water is more than 40 times the strength of steel.

Water Wall - A wall of water appears before me. It is a lot stronger than steel.

Water Summoning - Lets me summon as much water as i want.

Acid Ball - A ball of extremely hot liquid forms on my hand. This liquid can burn through almost any metal.

-Tai-Jutsu Techniques-

Drunken Fist Style - After drinking a really strong alchohol or another type of drink i can go into this very strong mode. My hits and attacks are boosted by alot. My speed is also increased. I usually use Sake.

1000 years of Pain! - A tai-jutsu that inserts your fingers (the tiger seal) into the opponents glutious maximus and sends them off flying.

-Gen-Jutsu Techniques-

Death Foreseeing - This genjutsu shows the enemy and his/her family dying in different, gorey, and scary ways.

Regrets - This genjutsu shows the opponent doing regretful things they woudn't want to do and show them effects of the things they did like friends dying and losing close friends and family.

Deja Vu - This technique is a genjutsu of the opponent getting slashed by a katana for 10 days and lets them feel the pain.

-Non Element Techniques

Rasengan - A powerful blue spiraling ball made of chakra forms on my hand and then attacks the opponent.

Great Ball Rasengan - A bigger rasengan forms and is 30 times stronger than the regular and original rasengan.

Super Great Ball Rasengan - A giant rasengan forms and is more than 10 times stronger than the regular great ball rasengan.

Destructo Disc - A disc of chakra forms on my hand and can cut through the hardest of metals.

-Mixed Element Techniques-

Double Dragon Attack - 2 dragons, 1 water element while the other lightning, form and attack the opponent. They keep on attacking until they've been destroyed or attacked something.

-Summoning Technique-

Toad Summoning - Summons toads. Water and fire elements.

Dragon Summoning - summons dragons of different elements.

Gamabunta - The Toad Chief.

Gazwa - The Dragon-Lord. Has all the elements.

Saza - A lightning dragon.

-Vampire Abilities-

I have boosted abilities in my vampric powers since i come from the blood line of adam and eve.

Able to hear a heart beat from miles away.

Ability to shape shift into different creatures including wolves and bats.

Telepathy/Telekinetic Powers

I can come in and out from the shadows.

Hide Hand : An ability that grants vampires the power to manipulate objects (eg: moving objects, levitating, etc.). It can also create an invisible barrier that can stop bullets, puches and different jutsu's. Only vampires with certain bloodlines have this ability.

Vampric Pyrokinesis - Lets me do fire tech's and control it.

Eye Ignite: A form of vampiric pyrokinesis.

Blood Suck - Can turn someone into a vampire at my will and heals me when i get blood. Becoming a vampire takes 3 long painful days.

Levitating - Lets me levitate.

Flying - lets me fly

Shadow Hands: Hands of shadows come out and grab the opponent, then stranglng them, usually trying to do that till death.

Wings - I can grow wings when ever i want. If there broken I can regenerate them or either just grow new wings. Grow = they ocme out of my back and stuff, comes out in a second.
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Zakuzu's Technique
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