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Warped and distorted to the point of no return; separated from most others... The old and new clash in a contest of wills... This is Distorted Reality
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Sat May 15, 2010 8:49 pm by Reia Ruan
You heard me right, bitch. <3

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 Kama's Jutsu

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Vanishing Storm Sannin Of Twilight
Vanishing Storm Sannin Of Twilight

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PostSubject: Kama's Jutsu   Thu Apr 16, 2009 11:00 pm

Raikogan Abilities:

Raikogan: gives me the ability to minipulate electric current and lightning chakra.
Nerve Seal: five-pronged seal that shuts off all nerve activity, by me absorbing all of their current electricity from their nervous system.

Nerve Fist: A style of fightning based off of hitting my opponents nervous system, much like the gentle fist but hitting the nerves instead of the chakra points. Im very fast when using this style, at a blur movement, so blocking will be very hard.

Paralysis jutsu:I hit nerves that paralize my opponents. If I hit a nerve in the arms of legs, then that arm or leg will be paralized. if I hit at the spine I can paralize the entire body.

Dispel Jutsu: using the Raikogan i can inactivate any of my opponents lightning chakra based jutsu.

Lightning Blast: I use the Raikogan to call down lightning from the nearest clouds.

Nerve Healing: I use the raikogan to minipulate my nervious system to speed up my healing factor 25x.

Senkaku Raikogan: Raikogan which can do all of the normal powers of the origanal raikogan but can also use the three highest forms of lightning: Akaraikou,Aoiraikou, and Pururaikou

Lightning Immortality: Any lightning nature jutsu that hits me will not do damage. I can cancel it out but putting the same amount of electricity in my body at the point of contact with tha same amount of current as the attack.

Kujokokunai: I force my opponents nervious system to attack the rest of their body, which makes their body start to deteriorate at a rapid pace, by hitting certain nerves in the spinal column.

Soujuu Nijuushin: I can control people's clones that they make as my own by taking over the clones weak nervous system. This can be done because the clone is 10x weaker than the original ninja. I must hit the clones to activate this.

Kyoushinshou: I force my opponents to have a heartattck by hitting certain nerves along the spine.

Shinkeiutsu: I start killing off all the nerve cells in my opponents body by sending high volts through their body that their nerves arnt strong enough to handle. 10 sec and you are paralized. 30 sec and you pass out. 1 min and you die.

Akairaikou: The first of the highest forms of lightning, it ruffly means red lightning. It is the strongest of all electric current, 10x stronger. It can even travel though the lowest items of conductivity like rubber as though it were metal. It also can overpower anyother lightning. If subsituted for normal blue lightning in a jutsu, it would increase the jutsu 10 fold in strength.

Aoiraikou: The second of the highest forms of lightning, its name means green lightning. It is the most destructive of all electric current, able to spead though things and break them down on a molecular level. Can turn almost anything to dust, or nothing at all on contact.

Pururaikou: The third highest form of lightning, its name means purple llightning. It is the fastest electric current, able to travel from cloud, to ground and back to cloud in the time it takes any other lightning to travel from the cloud to the ground. Basicly its double the speed of any other lightning.

If any of these are added to a lightning based jutsu, it will give the jutsu the same advanced effect as the attribute it holds.
These lightning forms are only possibly controled through the Senkaku Raikogan, so anyone who doesnt have this form of Raikogan, cannot control these lighting forms.

Other Lightning Style Jutsu:

Nerve Minipulation:gives me the ability to create more nerves to speed up my movement, make me stronger, and heal faster. When this is active, nerves are visible along my entire body, as long bumps.

Lightning Clone Jutsu

Lightning Clone Explosion:clone self-destructs and sends electric current everywhere.

Lightning Taijutsu: I fill my entire body with lightning chakra and due to the destuctive ability of lightning anything I hit, kick, etc. with explode with much force.

Lightning Ground Blast Jutsu: I hit the ground sending lightning throughout it. anyone who touches it will be electricuted and stunned

Lightning Scalpel: I infuse electric current into the scalpel which severs nerve cells as well, and burns when hit.

Static Shield: I make the air around me charged with negative ions. When any taijutsu or physical attck is about to connect with me, the ions create a barrier making the attack the same charge as the ion that is around me, therefore creating a natural force against the attack. This works because 2 ions of the same charge naturally repeal eachother with great force. This barrier deflects all minor attacks (shuriken,kunai, small un-chakra-charged taijutsu attacks,etc.) and most major attacks depending on the speed and skill of the attack. The barrier cannot be controled or minipulated by another person, it is under complete control of my Raikogan.

Ion Field: I fill the air with negatively charged ions that I control with my Raikogan. The ions I can use to control objects in almost any way physically. (lift rock,etc)
I can stop attacks that are lanched at me that are physical attacks. I can create barriers in the field which most objects cannot pass though. The ion field cannot be controled or minipulated by anyone else but me, it is undercomplete control of my Raikogan.

Raikiri Fist: I charge lightning into my fist equal or of greater strength of a raikiri. Anything I hit will shatter and turn to dust (except some extremely hard metals) because the lightning charged into it actually spreads out into the object or person hit and covers the entire surface and area (internal space too) and destroys it. It is usually used past blurring speeds, so it is quite hard to counter or block.

Lightning Immortality: Any lightning nature jutsu that hits me will not do damage. I can cancel it out but putting the same amount of electricity in my body at the point of contact with tha same amount of current as the attack.

Water Style Jutsu:

Water Gyser Jutsu: water explodes upward from my enemies feet.

Giant Water Quill Jutsu: forms and thorws giant water needles at opponent.

Water Clone Jutsu

Water Style: Giant Water Vortex Jutsu

Water Style: Water Dragon jutsu

Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu

Hidden Mist Jutsu

Water Style:Water Wall Jutsu: wall of water shoots strait up 30 feet

Water Style: Water Arena Jutsu: circular wall of water surrounding area of water

Water Style: Multipule water gyser jutsu: I can call multipule water gysers out of the ground.

Summoning Style Jutsus:

Summoning jutsu: I can summon giant porcupines.

Summoning Jutsu: can summon Griffins

Water Scroll Summoning: I pull out a water scroll and summon lots of water.

Summoned Animals Jutsu:

Giant Porcupine Mud Trap Jutsu Combination:Me and the Porcupine combine water and earth to form a sticky mud trap in which enemies are stuck to.

Griffin Wind: The griffin uses its wings to create a giant wind storm, 100 mph at least.

Griffin Flame: griffin breaths flame.

Griffin Fire Storm: griffin combines fire and wind to create a flaming wind storm.

Medical Ninjutsu:

Palm Healing: Obvious

Chakra Scalpel: obvious

Medical Art: Secret Restoration Jutsu:I sign and a diagram appears under me. I stand in the middle and am enveloped in greenish light that will immediatly heal all my wounds. Can be used on other people too.

Other Jutsu:

Life-flash Genjutsu: makes my oponent see their most frightening memories in a rapid repenting flash.

Clone Explosion

Fusion Technique: I take water and fuse it with lightning. The water comes completely under my control at this point. The electric current running though it cannot be taken out, stopped, or minipulated in any way because it is under direct control of my Raikogan. The water takes on both liquid and electric charactoristics and will electricute and burn anyone it touches, but it also acts like water in that it flows and shapes the same. The water that has been fused cannot be frozen, minipulated/controled with chakra from other people/animals, and to some extent cannot be evaporated. The water will not harm me because of my lightning immortality (shown above.)

Water Fusion Gyser Jutsu: Fused water shoots upward vertically

Water Fusion Rain Jutsu: I send my fused water into the sky where in comes down in a hard shocking rain.

Water Fusion Needles Jutsu: The fused water forms many many needles that I can shoot at my opponent from any direction. The needles act jutsu like senbon made of water but they also electricute the target.

Water Fusion Dragon Jutsu: I form a dragon out of the fused water. Like normal water dragon but electricutes.

Water Fusion Tidal Wave Jutsu: I make the fused water form a huge tsunami like wave that takes everything with it but also electricutes everything it touches.

Taijutsu Forms:

Water Palm: I create water bubbles around each of my hands. I am then able to manipulate my opponents body water contentand manipulate the water in the bubbles, shaping them as I see fit. I can make the water expand and shoot outward or become thin around my hands, like discs. (this is only two examples of many more possibilities) Whatever part of the body I hit will be pushed outward with great force or will stick to my hands, depending on what I want. This is a more defensive style though it can be used to attack. The style uses open palm attacks and parries, much like the Hyuga clan’s Gentle Fist or Soft Boxing.


Storm Mode: Im able to transform myself into lightning.

Cloud Manipulation: With my advancing power over water, I can manipulate clouds.

Storm Nimbus Creation/Manipulation: I can create a Nimbus which is basicly just like the fusion technique, but lightning is fused with water in the form of a cloud. A Nimbus has a few differences from a normal cloud. A Nimbus is completely solid, so it creates a great defense. A nimbus is also very wispy cloud, grayish in color, although still slightly puffy. They are also brimming with lightning, so they I can easily use them to create lightning jutsu, and composed of water, so I can use water jutsu through them too. They are very tough, most weapons and jutsu wont damage them, they are resistant to heat, water, wind, and earth elements. Nimbuses

Nimbus Form: Advanced form, stronger than storm mode, that transforms me into a nimbus like beast. Must have storm mode activated first. It gives me 100x my orginial strength and defense, though Im the same speed. most attacks just get absorbed, or deflected.

Nimbus Clones: Clones Made from a nimbus cloud, they are not like normal clones that puff away as soon as hit. Nimbus clones are closer to actual clones and take some damage before dispersing. They are only 1/2 the strength of the original used, instead of the 1/10 of the original user, so they are still quite strong. They also retain my lightning quick speed. They also can blend into a cloud, becoming the same substance as the cloud therefore, becoming momentarily invulnerable.
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Kama's Jutsu
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