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Sat May 15, 2010 8:49 pm by Reia Ruan
You heard me right, bitch. <3

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 Kaerei's Secrets of the Black Swamp.

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The Frog Spirit of the Black Swamp
The Frog Spirit of the Black Swamp

Female Number of posts : 13
Kekkei Genkai : Spirits, Frogs, Acid/Poison, Voodoo
Registration date : 2009-04-18

PostSubject: Kaerei's Secrets of the Black Swamp.   Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:41 am

Quick Note: Kaerei's blood is made of various acids and poisons. She is immune to any type of poison. She also has clothes that are specially made so that even the toughest acids do not burn through. Lastly, she can breathe underwater, for she has gills and lungs.

Swamp/Acid Abilities

Black Bubble: Kaerei spits a black bubble filled with poison from her mouth.

Acid Flux: Kaerei spits very strong acids able to bend, melt, disperse, and/or reform at her will. Most times they first take the form of an orb.

Swamp Bubble: Thick bubbles appear from the ground and either trap an
opponent in muck, or explode.

Slime Blast: Kaerei spits out extremely sticky slime.

Swamp Grenade: A small bomb that either explodes with a large amount of sticky gunk, or a large amount of toxic poison/acid.

Swamp Blast: Large, concentracted acid shot in a straight line out of her mouth.

Black Swamp: Kaerei summons the power of the Black Swamp, able to melt and devour anything it touches (except for her, of course). Once the Black Swamp is summoned (after a long charge and lots of muck usage) the Swamp Monster can be summoned.

Acid Geyser: A pillar of acid shot from the ground.

Swamp Bazooka: Kaerei launches a huge explosive projectile of acid from her sleeves.

Acidic Cannonball: Kaerei launches a giant highly dense cannonball of complete acid from her mouth. It can only go in a straight line, but it dissolved whatever it touches.

Swamp Torpedo: A massive torpedo made of just acid is shot at high speeds from her mouth. The torpedo is about the size of a small submarine. It can be controlled and maneuvered at Kaerei's will.

Swamp Monster: A gigantic black monster made of acid, swamp muck and poison. Anything he comes in contact with burns or melts instantly.

Sludge's Grip: A pool of sludge made by Kaerei suddenly sprouts up and grabs a foe.

Swamp Reform: Kaerei becomes able to jump through liquid like a portal.

Acid Rain: Kaerei spits acid into the sky and it begins to rain down for a very long time, melting whatever it may touch.

Corrosive Salamander: From out of Kaerei's body comes a large salamander like creature of acid and poison which strikes at the foe with a blinding speed.

Acid Revolution: Kaerei spins and a large amount of acid shoots straight upward in a tornado-like fashion, dissolving anything in her way into nothing.

Destructive Spit: Kaerei spits acid at the ground and it makes an explosion that sweeps across the ground, melting whatever is in its way.

Nemesis Liquids: Kaerei's fingers shoot out long beams of acid that can be used as claws that melt through anything.

Megaton Corrode: 100 tons of pure acid comes down straight in front of a concentrated area in front of Kaerei. Guaranteed instant dissolving.

Machine Gun Swamp Missile: Kaerei releases super fast missiles of acid from everywhere on her body.

Acid Threads: Her strands of hair become completely acidic and extend to great lengths, becoming completely invisible once they divide from her scalp. It just looks like her hair has gotten shorter to those who do not have a good perception.

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The Frog Spirit of the Black Swamp
The Frog Spirit of the Black Swamp

Female Number of posts : 13
Kekkei Genkai : Spirits, Frogs, Acid/Poison, Voodoo
Registration date : 2009-04-18

PostSubject: Re: Kaerei's Secrets of the Black Swamp.   Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:42 am

Poison Abilities:

Needle Storm: Kaerei shoots out an almost endless barrage of poison needles from all over her body.

Poisoned Point: Spikes of poison jut out from places on Kaerei's body, giving her an edge to extend or retract them at will.

Poison Cut: The tips of Kaerei's sleeves become stiff and harness a lot of poison. She uses this to cut and poison at the same time.

Poison Darts: Kaerei spits/throws small needle-like darts made solely of poison at a foe.

Poison String: A thin, almost unable to be seen sharp string of poison. Not only does it cut a foe without being seen, it instantly poisons.

Dance of a thousand poisons: Kaerei's sleeves become stiff and coated in poison, and able to stretch to great lengths. Not only that, but spikes of poison are able to jut out of them at will.

Stunning Wave: Kaerei sends a quick wave of horrific gas with paralyzing poisonous spores in them.

Poison Missile: A large poison spike is shot from Kaerei's mouth that moves at rocket propelled speed. It explodes whenever Kaerei wants.

Evil Dust: Kaerei secretes a black gas that takes the form of a frog head. It goes around and devours what it may, corroding them completely and easily.

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The Frog Spirit of the Black Swamp
The Frog Spirit of the Black Swamp

Female Number of posts : 13
Kekkei Genkai : Spirits, Frogs, Acid/Poison, Voodoo
Registration date : 2009-04-18

PostSubject: Re: Kaerei's Secrets of the Black Swamp.   Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:42 am

Frog Abilities:

Frog's Stare: Kaerei's hat's eyes begin to glow and if eye contact is made, it puts the foe to sleep. If Kaerei begins to sing as they sleep, they have horrid nightmares of her in their dreams.

Frog's Tongue: Kaerei uses her extremely long tongue to lash at a foe, only it is tipped with highly toxic poisons.

Frog's Skin: Kaerei becomes slippery and slimey and basically impossible to grab. She also becomes more resistant to the cold and the heat. Also, physical attacks become weak when they make contact with her.

Frog's Legs: Kaerei's legs become even MORE powerful, increasing her speed, jumping height and kicks.

Silver Tongue: Kaerei's tongue is coated with poison instead of tipped, and to go along with that, it becomes as sharp as a blade.

Frog's Croak: Kaerei resonates loudly in a set direction with ear bursting croaks that push back with amazing force

Black Frog: Kaerei summons a large black frog demon that either leaps and smashes with extreme crushing force, also sending out a shockwave, lashes its extremely large tongue at a foe repeatedly, releases a earshattering croak that destroys the land, or spits poison.

Poison Frogs: Many tiny frogs are summoned and they all launch themselves at the foe. Some explode with poison, some bite and secrete paralyzing poison or deadly heart stopping poison.

Frog Symphony: Kaerei summons 1,000 frogs to eather send out a lot of powerful Frog's Croaks individually with the same power, or have them all do a 1,000 blast version of the Frog's Croak simultaneously, which can shatter steel due to the heavy vibrations and incredible force.

Frog Kick: Kaerei's leg becomes covered in poison and can stretch to great lengths. When powered up by the Frog's Legs technique, it can strike extremely fast and destroy large boulders.

Frog Trap: Kaerei disappears without a trace, going underground silently and unable to be heard. She comes in close and then she strikes with poisoned, stiff sleeves.

Frog's Mouth: A giant frog mouth engulfs the foe whole in the mouth, then immediately secretes various acids and poisons while inside. Only works on the ground or when the Black Frog is summoned.

Ghost Glass Frog: Summons a large, superfast, slender, malicious ghost Glass Frog who can only be identified by a very very very slender outline that is also transparent and huge glowing eyes. It moves at high speeds and leaves a trail of invisible poisons and acids on the ground.

Glass Frog's Eye: Able to see other people's spirits/souls/minds at will and can see the invisible. Also, Kaerei becomes very very very sensitive to the movement of others... Noting that she can detect even the smallest twitch of the eyebrow.

Flying Frog: Kaerei grows amphibian-like wings so that she can fly for a short period of time and glide for long distances.

Frog Cry: Kaerei makes loud, but short croaks come from anywhere in the area like a ghost, making her seem like she is somewhere she is not. She usually uses this to distract an opponent while she is unable to be seen.

Frog's Resonance: Kaerei resonates a croak that goes "Gekogekogekogekogeko" long and loud and the louder and higher it gets, the farther the radius of the resonance and the better and easier things are to destroy. THe higher, the denser substances it can destroy, the louder, the farther it goes. If it gets high enough, the resonance can rip through space.

Tadpole Tail: A random, slimy tadpole tail whips out of Kaerei's ass and slaps the foe with incredible force, or wraps around them. It is incredibly sticky, acidic and poisonous With it, she can move faster through the air/land and in water.

Frog Flatten: Kaerei can flatten her whole body until it looks like a line from the side.

Egg Sac: Kaerei encases herself in a poisoned and highly acidic egg sac that only she can enter without dying. Over 1,000 perfect Kaereis are born and able to use her powers. She can also carry some egg sacs on her back. At most, 3.

Tadpole Swarm: An incredible plague-like swarm of tiny tadpoles with razor teeth devours everything. They can fly just like insects by beating their tadpole tails, and they create a sinister sound as they fly.

Crest of Newt: Indestructible crests of spikes jut out of Kaerei's spine all the way to the tip of her skull and extend out very far. They also appear on her legs and arms. She is able to cut through the air very sleekly and smoothly and she is able to curl into a ball and roll like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Croak Cannon (Sonic Cannon): Kaerei shoots a concentrated croak that pulses through anything in a straight line. It is able to shatter the densest material in an instant (or at least make it very brittle). The croaks only go in a straight line, but they are very big.

Battle Frog Armor: Ultra dense and hard frog skin armor that has spikes all over surrounds Kaerei. The density is as hard as steel, but is not steel.

Hypno Frogs: Summons huge frogs with incredibly hypnotic eyes that surround the area and prevent escape. The frog's eyes create a large aura that instantly puts the foe to sleep or become under their control once they step into it, and direct contact could be mentally fatal.
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The Frog Spirit of the Black Swamp
The Frog Spirit of the Black Swamp

Female Number of posts : 13
Kekkei Genkai : Spirits, Frogs, Acid/Poison, Voodoo
Registration date : 2009-04-18

PostSubject: Re: Kaerei's Secrets of the Black Swamp.   Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:43 am

Form Change/Extra abilities:

Geko Geko Bomb: Kaerei throws out small bombs that make big explosions.

Thanatos: Summons the ultimate bomb known universally. It is a mountain sized bomb with the power of a star contained in it... with a giant skull painted on it. It requires a lot of energy to summon, but once it is there, there's almost no stopping it, and it explodes very quickly. It's basically the god-bomb that destroys everything.

Frog Spirit Mode: Kaerei goes into her Frog Spirit mode, allowing her to use any of her spiritual and frog techniques instantaneously. Also, it allows her to be able to become a spirit at will or take on the form of the Black Frog. All of her abilities increase greatly, especially acids.

Swamp Mode: Kaerei becomes literally one with the swamp instead of mentally one with it, and is able to change her body into sludge or muck at will. She also becomes lethal to the touch, so any attacks that involve physical contact with her and the foe will result in an instant poison or acidic burn.

Hermit/Sage Mode: Kaerei's abilities become extremely powerful, making them last longer, her acids more powerful, her spirits larger and more deadly, her poisons more deadly and her bombs more explosive. She looks exactly the same except for her eyes are that of a frog's and the eyes on her hat are always glowing black with energy. Her physical strength, durability, and speed drastically increase, making her even more deadly than before, and with her speed and strength as it was before hand, she is damn near impossible to catch. The unnatural energies around her become part of her, making her able to use them as extra limbs or extra bodyparts and such. Most notably, 2 large, floating frog hands that surround her body and can be used in various ways. They are made of spiritual, unnatural, acidic and poisonous energies. Kaerei uses spirits to gain this unnatural energy, so she can move while it is being done.

Support Abilities:
Poison Coat: Kaerei becomes wrapped in highly toxic film of poison that is fatal to the touch.

Mistify: Kaerei spits a large cloud of mist from her mouth, surrounding the whole entire area in a dense mist or fog, hindering the opponent's vision.

Black Jump: Kaerei becomes able to go through solid objects like water.

Black Breath: Kaerei exhales extremely poisonous gas, exhales a black smokescreen, or emits sleeping gas that lingers for a very long period of time.

Melting Touch: Kaerei makes one of her bodyparts coated with acid to burn through stuffffss.

Spiritual Aid: Kaerei becomes a spirit for a period of time, making her intangable, invisible, and virtually silent.

Instant Poison/Swamp: Kaerei creates her own pool of poison or her own miniature swamp. It may seem useless, but hell, it's a pretty good move.

Death Lure: Kaerei either secretes a smell or gives an illusion of herself that lures her opponent in close, and then without warning, an explosion of poison darts shoots at them.

Camoflauge: Kaerei is able to blend in with surroundings and fuse with inanimate objects.

Spiritual Transparency: Kaerei uses the power of the spirits to become temporarily invisible and unable to make noise except for speaking.

Flow of the Spirits: Kaerei becomes instantaneously able to flow through any spirit she summons, any one of them, no matter how many there are.

Black Strikeback: Kaerei's senses and reflexes become unmatched by all and allows her to block and counter any physical attack coming towards her with ease, no matter the speed. However, she cannot walk while she does this, since she must concentrate so much on blocking.

Synchro Spirit: Kaerei sends her invisible spirit to synchronize with someone else's. While synchronized, Kaerei cannot move, but neither can the opponent. While their spirits are joined, Kaerei can hear their thoughts, but they cannot hear hers. Also, she may move their bodyparts by her own will. Unless her concentration is broken and her spirit is sent back into her body, Kaerei's spirit will begin draining the one she has synchronized with.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaerei's Secrets of the Black Swamp.   

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Kaerei's Secrets of the Black Swamp.
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