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Sat May 15, 2010 8:49 pm by Reia Ruan
You heard me right, bitch. <3

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 Suggestion for currency system

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Advocate of Darkness Kishoukage
Advocate of Darkness Kishoukage

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PostSubject: Suggestion for currency system   Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:02 pm

You get money depending on your amount of posts on missions and on fights, and ONLY missions and fights. We've came to an agreement that you get no money from randomly spamming around the village.

D rank missions=25 yen per post. the misson had to be legit, and not some dumb gag mission. An example might be that mission to candy mountain by Unknown, so yeah, those types of missions get you nothing.

C ranked missions=50 yen per post. These missions must be approved by a sannin or above to start, so that no one is getting easy cash.

B ranked missons= 75 per post. You only start getting paid per post once it officially starts. This means that when people are first arriving, you get nothing, once you actually head out, said by the mission leader, then you start earning money. this actually goes for every mission of any rank and every fight...

A ranked missions= 100 yen per post. All the others rules before this one count for these missions. genin and chunin are not allowed to go on these missions.

S ranked missions= 200 yen per post. Yeah, thats alot, but only jounin and above can go on these missions and they have to be approved and talked out with by one of the kages. The enemies you meet on these missions will be Rped by us Anbu and above, and you can die on these missions, meaning you start over with a new character. We won't go easy on you with these missions, so if you slip up, your dead.

NOW FOR FIGHTS!!!!!___________()___________()____________??

As I say fights, I mean:

Random battles=30 per post
modern epics=40 per post
"rage of night" or our damn cataclysmic battles=50 per post
Anything in the war zones=60 per post
Grudge matches=50 per post
Training=20 per post/ 40 for those extremely long posts.

If your fighting anywhere else, you get nothing.

Once your fight is finished, you come here, to the bank. You will cite your fight, count the amount of post YOU made in the fight and tell them, then you will get your money accordingly. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT LYING ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF POST YOU MAKE, OR WHERE YOU FOUGHT, WITH OUT A SECOND THOUGHT, YOU WILL BE DEMOTED. Thank you

And one last thing--- all fights before April 18, 2009 will be null and void, meaning you get no money from those. except for missions, since they mainly have meaning to them...But just to be fair with you all, every one will be given 500 yen now for the hell of it. at the beginning of each month, you will be giving an extra 500 yen, like an allowance. Now, with this in mind, the prices in the store are all up for Akarui to decide, NO FAVORITISM!!

You don't have to have money to buy things, but money will be used for another thing.
Yeah, this keeps people from doing a ranking exam every fucking week or so.
You have to pay to take your ranking exams as well, meaning you have to fight and progress in battles.

Test for chunin-cost= 300 yen

Test for special jounin-cost= 600 yen

Test for jounin-cost= 900 yen

Of course you may not always get the rank if you pay, so that makes you try harder to do better in ranking exams. Also, if you lets say, pay for a chunin test as a genin, but your proctor says that your good enough to become a special jounin. This would mean that you have to pay additional money to get the rank, but not the same cost as the test for that rank:

Genin-test for chunin= 300 yen/ makes special jounin instead= pays an additional 100.

Genin-test for chunin= 300 yen/ makes jounin instead=pays an additional 200.

Chunin-test for special jounin= 600 yen/ makes special jounin instead=pays additional 200.

Jounin don't rank for anbu so thats as far as payment will go regarding exams and such.

This is the, as we call it, Currency System, or the C.S. for short

this is a nice little system, but things might be added with the varying sites
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestion for currency system   Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:21 pm

(shoulda but this in the suggestion box)

bu what if your ranker forgets? or just decided they are to lazy to rank you anymore? do you get a refund
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Advocate of Darkness Kishoukage
Advocate of Darkness Kishoukage

Number of posts : 38
Kekkei Genkai : Dark Matter
Registration date : 2009-03-02

PostSubject: Re: Suggestion for currency system   Sun Apr 19, 2009 1:43 am

why the hell would they do that? I highly doubt they would, unless you really do something to piss them off, besides, when they leave your ranking exam like that it mostly means your still genin. Run-on sentence FTW XD

That hasn't happened and I'd be happy if it stayed that way, but I will say there is a poosibility. Maybe your Kages will have something in store for those who don't finish the ranking exam.
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestion for currency system   

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Suggestion for currency system
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