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Warped and distorted to the point of no return; separated from most others... The old and new clash in a contest of wills... This is Distorted Reality
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Sat May 15, 2010 8:49 pm by Reia Ruan
You heard me right, bitch. <3

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 The Light Realms Jutsus

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Kai Ishidate
Jounin Of Chaos
Jounin Of Chaos

Male Number of posts : 74
Kekkei Genkai : Seinaru(Holy) Chakra, Ryuugan
Registration date : 2009-03-01

PostSubject: The Light Realms Jutsus   Sun Mar 01, 2009 5:57 pm

Seinaru: Holy chakra that is gathered from the heavens(stars, whateva the hell you wanna call it). It tends to act on its own(like gaara's sand) put can also be controlled by me. It can travel through the ground. If ever absorbed by anything not from the land of stars it will destroy it from the inside.

Manipulation of Holy: I can use the holy to attack of defend as I see fit. I can also use this to "teleport"

Disaresta: A giant pillar of holy falls on my opponent and explodes

Crimson Cureges: Holy gathers around me and bursts away, Explosive Wave style

Lost Seraph: A crack above and below my opponent as seinaru holy pours out, engulfing my opponent

Nibelung Velesti: Four spears of light pierce my opponent as I shoot massive amounts of holy at them

Ryuugan: The Ishidate clan bloodline. It activates under certain circumstances, which are different for each member of the clan. Kai's activates when massive amounts of seinaru or midnight chakra are poured directly into his eyes. They take on the form of cat eyes, red or black. When seinaru is used, they turn red and allow him to see the future, also allowing him to read his opponents attacks. When midnight is used, they turn black and allow him to see the past.

Midnight Chakra: An amplified version of dark chakra. Given to me by the powers of the demon skull Midnight

Eclipse Slash: crescendo is unsheathed and slashed, all in one blindingly fast motion. it forms a dome of seinaru around the opponent and the seinaru begins to slash at them

Shenko Jin: seiken, ryu, or hayate is used to throw a barrage of slices that speed up and become barely visible. it is finished with a rising slash infused with seinaru

Cadenza: thousands of seinaru bullets surround my opponent, making a dome around them. they then begin to shoot at my opponent at extreme speeds

Seinaru Lash: the seinaru is concentrated to my hand and used as a whip

Seinaru Arrow: i form a bow out of seinaru and begin to shoot seinaru arrows

Nightmare Whirlwind: a spinning back hook kick, spinning roundhouse, spinning sweep, and axe kick...all performed in succession and charged with chakra(preferably midnight)

Warping: not exactly warping, but couldn't find a better word. the seinaru wraps around me and converts me into seinaru for a brief period of time, allowing me to travel rather quickly

Neo Serpent Tongue: fire is charged through my whole body and released in a massive attack

Soaring Phoenix: Fire is charged to my fist. i throw an uppercut the spreads fire

Dragon's Flight: i jump into the air, rotate at high speeds and shoot fire missiles

Byakko's Bite: Byakko the Tiger is summoned and release a massive amount of energy

Genbu's Strike: Genbu the Turtle is summoned and spins, attacking with his shell

Suzaku's Talon: Suzaku the Phoenix is summoned and divebombs with a spiral of fire

Banko's Wrath: Banko the Dragon is summoned and blows a razor sharp gust

Soul of the Beast: i can fuse with Byakko, Genbu, Suzaku, or Banko

Holy Petal Blitz: any plant infused with seinaru's leaves are shot unbelievable speed, ravaging the opponent

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Kai Ishidate
Jounin Of Chaos
Jounin Of Chaos

Male Number of posts : 74
Kekkei Genkai : Seinaru(Holy) Chakra, Ryuugan
Registration date : 2009-03-01

PostSubject: Re: The Light Realms Jutsus   Sun Mar 01, 2009 5:58 pm

Divine Rasengan: i charge seinaru to my hand and swirl it. it makes a ball no bigger than a marble. as it grinds into the opponent, more seinaru is charged into it, making it grow larger and more destructive

Midnight Rasengan: i charge midnight chakra to my hand and swirl it. it engulfs my palm and i push it to the tip of my finger.

Rasengan of Dawn: i combine both the divine and midnight rasengan, creating a midnight ball with a layer of swirling seinaru. after the seinaru is gone, the midnight ball erupts into an explosion of darkness

Divine Symphony - i gather massive amounts of seinaru into my hands. a massive ball of seinaru gathers into my hands with stars orbiting around it. the ball stops and it appears the whole battlefield has become frozen. the ball then bursts into five different directions, all flying past my opponent. when they can no longer be seen, the clouds, ground, and water are parted, bent around the shape of the balls. there is total silence as nothing happens for a few seconds. suddenly, explosions are sent towards my opponent from the parts where the balls traveled.

Ballad of the Realm: i charge seinaru into the ground. the seinaru in the ground opens up a portal and stars pour out of it. a solitary light shoots at one star and richochets into the other. as this process happens, it plays Night of Fate. the stars then begin to shine blindingly and shoot at the opponent. a pair of gold eyes and silver wings emerge from the portal and fly into the air. massive amounts of midnight and seinaru are charged and shot at the opponent. the stars then form many seinaru swords*

Lost Concerto: the darkness wraps around the opponent, constricts, then explodes. it regathers with dark stars. the dark stars orbit and shoot countless missisles of darkness at the opponent. it constricts one last time and vanishes as it wipes the opponent off the earth(if i want it to)

Hyperion's Melody: i grow seinaru and midnight wings. my wings glow with the chakra stored in them. my wings extend out and shoot countless seinaru and midnight daggers, shuriken, and bullet. they then shoot seinaru and midnight into the air, making the clouds swirl and disappear as the chakras collide and overwhelm the sky. it rains down seinaru and midnight down on the battlefield. when it is done, it explodes and forms a ball resembling an atom that shoots at the opponent
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The Light Realms Jutsus
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