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Warped and distorted to the point of no return; separated from most others... The old and new clash in a contest of wills... This is Distorted Reality
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Sat May 15, 2010 8:49 pm by Reia Ruan
You heard me right, bitch. <3

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 Misery Des Gloomi & Despair La Discord

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Reality's Insanity
Reality's Insanity

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PostSubject: Misery Des Gloomi & Despair La Discord   Sun Mar 01, 2009 6:28 pm

Khrona's weapon, Misery Des Gloomi (Sometimes known as Misery or Gloom/Gloomi) is a swordscythe who is a skilled Death Scythe. The blade of a sword in the front and the blade of a scythe in the back. This weapon has the ability to infuse elements with itself on the sword side and tear out souls with the scythe side. It is also extendable, to a degree. Also, Misery may choose to be either a scythe or a sword instead of being both at the same time. Now, for Misery's story.

Misery was a girl who was looking for answers. She has an extremely sharp tongue, her words able to penetrate deep, deep into the souls of others, which she liked. She wasn't really approachable by many due to her doomsayer attitude, her intimidating goth appearance and her sharp words... Until one day where she met Khrona. She was fascinated in Khrona... mostly by his demeanor and how unstable he was, and what his thoughts on reality were... and with that, they instantly became friends. That may be one of the only people that Khrona actually considers a friend after the family incidents, but that it only because Misery swore her life to help gain revenge and retain Khrona's grip on reality and sanity, since that was basically what she was looking for in life. Two people looking for the same things for different, yet similar reasons... might as well do it together, right?Misery's soul is the soul of of both Condemnation and Insanity. Her Insanity Soul only increases the power of Khrona's soul of Insanity.

That is what Misery's Scythe Sword form looks similar to, however there is a large sword handle instead of that kind of handle and both blades are larger and a lot longer. The scythe part looks like this:

And the Sword part looks like this:

(Another note, Khrona's wings look similar to those, however a hell of a lot bigger.)

And this is what Misery looks like:

Misery's Soul Resonance: Insanity Resonance.

Zero Sanity: The sword part of Misery releases a large projectile wave of insanity that distorts the area it touches severely by twisting and curving it.

Sanity Demise: Sword part of Misery becomes large and powerful, growing a face of woe onto it and when contact is made with anything, it implodes on itself.

Insanity Pressure: Condenses the air in the surrounding area or around an opponent that makes it both hard to breathe and hard to move. Not only that, the pressurized air on you hurts your bones.

Crazy Cutter: Misery becomes a great deal larger and she has 2 sword blades on one handle now. The 2 blades always mirror each other. Not only that, the special technique of this is a huge radius cutting slash that will take down EVERYTHING in the way.

Insane Pain: Sword extends out and splits into several sword whips (Like Ivy from Soul Calibur, but the swords are WAY thicker and can extend infinitely). They can extend what seems to be forever and can be multiplied into an endless amount of sword whips.

Blade of Misery: Misery's sword drains the energy of literally anything it comes in contact with, if it is by cutting or even defending with the blade, it will drain the energy/chakra/power of whatever it touches. Great for breaking shields and energy barriers and the like, as well as making the foe lose energy.

Insanity Impact: A huge blade of soul energy is made in the sky, which moves to Misery's will. It will not only deplete all energy from the foe, but explode on contact.

Insane Blade Impact: Creates an astronomical sized blade from out of the sky which not only stabs into the planet with an incredible force, but also releases an insanity soul shockwave that distorts and destroys whatever is caught up in it.

Insane Pulse: A thrust of a glowing sword releases a huge blast of energy with sharpened sword soul energy protruding from it all over to cut everything in its path like a drill.

Insane Desire: Insanity Soul appears under someone and hands ensnare them and wrap them up completely, first crushing their body and then taking them under into Khrona's soul, in which they are broken up and transferred into Soul Energy.

Blade of a Psycho: Slashes the sword in every direction, shooting huge shockwaves of Insanity Soul Energy about in the form of cutting waves that distort and implode what they cut through.

Misery's Soul Resonance: Condemnation Resonance.

Condemnation Blade: The scythe part of Misery grows to huge proportions and rips the life out of whatever the blade touches during the period it is like this.

Reaper Slash: Misery is able to manifest her soul into multiple large scythe blades which attack to Khrona or Misery's will.

Grim Influence: Khrona intensifies the gravity in a set area to whatever he force needs it to be.

Soul Ripper: Many huge scythe blades shoot from the ground made out of Misery and Khrona's Condemnation souls. These scythes will hack and slice up whatever they come in contact with, instantly killing the living if any sort of contact is made with the blade.

Cloud of Death: Slashes the scythe blade, which releases literal death in the form of a cloud that spreads fast. It will contaminate any and all gases. Upon it being breathed in causes instant death, no matter what.

Grim Slasher: An endless barrage of superfast slashes unable to be seen by the normal eye.

Final Slash: Slashes her scythe hand and a huge wave of death in the form of energy comes out, killing all living things that touch it. It grows exponentially, so the greater the range, the greater the power.

Nil Life: Your lifeforce thread that binds your soul and lifeforce to your body becomes apparent to me, and with one slash, it will be broken.

Slash of the Damned: A slash from Misery's Scythe blade decays and melts anything it touches instantly by focusing Condemnation Soul energy into the blade.

Death Void: Slashes and creates a hole of Soul Energy that works like a black hole, sucking anything in and destroying it instantly before imploding in on itself.

Hellstorm Damnation: Creates a huge swirling abyss of Condemnation Soul surrounded by Insanity Soul to prevent escape. The Condemnation Soul then ignites a foe and drags them under and destroys their soul, converting the body into Soul Energy.

Special Abilities of Insanity and Condemnation Souls

Insanity Soul: Increases the focus and power of Khrona and Misery. Also allows them to temporarily liquify and solidify for short periods of time. It is also able to create hallucinations that people who are near Khrona too long will see, or if Khrona makes contact with them, they will see what he wants them to see. Also, with the Sanity Shatter, a special ability of the Insanity Soul's, Misery can look into a person's mind and either lock it or shatter it completely, much like Khrona.

Condemnation Soul: A soul that allows the Soul Resonance for a long period of time. Also, if Khrona is to call upon this power into a part of his body, he can instantly deteriorate someone's soul once contact is made.

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Reality's Insanity
Reality's Insanity

Male Number of posts : 490
Kekkei Genkai : DNA Absorbtion/Merging/Altering/Adapting
Registration date : 2009-02-20

PostSubject: Re: Misery Des Gloomi & Despair La Discord   Mon Mar 02, 2009 10:07 am

Despair is Khrona's second experienced Death Scythe weapon who is a simple straight razor... that is also a bazooka/rocket launcher/grenade launcher/ whatever you wanna call it. In her straight razor form, she opens up from the tip of the blade and shoots small, but powerful explosives out. That is the secret of Despair. Her soul wavelengths are Rejection and Despair. Now for Despair's story.

Despair was a secret weapon of Khrona; in fact, she is the only other person other than Misery who can relate to Khrona deeply, which is why that is his second soul partner. Despair was rejected throughout everywhere she went, even though she was so very nice and kind. She had a tendency to repel people due to her Rejection soul wavelength and cause despair upon anyone she came in contact with due to her Despair wavelength. This led her to turmoil and a sort of depression. She then met Khrona, who was not rejected or despaired by her for some reason, most likely because he had already gone through that. She was so very happy for this, however her depressing demeanor did not fade. She is still very kind and helpful, but she's kind of a downer... One more thing, Despair's dress/cloak has a special ability to deflect elemental attacks and her cloak/dress has the ability to stretch, change shape and teleport (Similar to Zeon from Zatch Bell or Laharl from Disgaea), since it is made of an otherworldly, dimensional substance. This cloak is indestructible and unable to be ripped or torn, since it is not made of a material that tears or rips.

Everyone knows what a straight razor looks like, and she just looks like a normal one, so yeah. But here is what Despair looks like:

Soul Resonance: Rejection Wavelength

GET THE FUCK OUT: An expanding barrier that forces anything and everything away.

Dark Repel: Repels the effects of everything that comes in contact with Khrona during this soul resonance. It does hinder Khrona's movement and speed, however.

Dark Force: Khrona's bodyparts become super powered (whichever are glowing) and are able to push back anything by first matching its power to stop it, then doubling the power to shoot it back with twice the force and power.

Path of Rejection: Khrona can make any part of the ground one with his Rejection Soul. Who or whatever is on his soul at the time will instantly be forced upward or away from the ground that has the soul in it.

REJECTED!!: A large and omnipotent soul stamp appears and stamps an attack as REJECTED, either nullifying all of its powers or abilities or erasing it completely.

Heavy Decline: A bodypart glows with the Rejection Soul wavelength. Upon touching something, the soul surges through them and shoots out their insides, whether it be just a heart or the whole skeleton in general.

Repulse: Whatever gets near enough to the Rejection Soul will have its course redirected, regardless of power or speed.

Abysmal Rejection: A force field that nullifies all things surrounds the body. It can nullify transformations, illusions and the like that others have done, and even the most powerful magics will be undone. Whatever is attempted to be done will not be able to be done because of the power of the soul, though it hinders Khrona's ability to fly and move his wings.

Soul Resonance: Despair Wavelength

Black Rain: Shoots a HUGE soul missile into the sky that explodes, covering the entire field in a despair wavelength. It soon begins to rain large and horrid black spheres.

Glare of Woe: Khrona shoots a laser beam from his eyes able to pierce through the heaviest armor and the toughest soul OR Khrona and Despair's wavelength makes a huge saddened face appear in the air and it tries to devour the foe.

Great Depression: Strips the foe of all of their powers and abilities when contact is made (For that battle, at least).

Blade of Despair: Despair glows and whatever she cuts is instantly disintegrated on contact.

Endless Sorrow: Despair floats into the sky and her cloak extends as far as the eye can see, making everything completely black. Her soul then begins to crush and deteriorate everything in its way by dripping downward from her cloak veeeery slowly. There is very little to be done to stop it, for if you manage to fly into the soul liquid and not deteriorate, you will fly into Despair's cloak and be lost forever in darkness, since her cloak doesn't rip or tear.

Tears of Despair: Despair shoots a soul missile into the air, turning the sky a purplish black. It then begins to rain extremely hard, only it is raining Despair's soul energy and not real rain. This rain will eventually deteriorate whatever stands in it too long.

Despair and Pain: Despair's soul engulfs the area slowly, rotting and draining the power and emotions of anything and everything within the vicinity of the soul. Anyone who is not Khrona will be slowed down GREATLY and their power will be brought down SEVERELY, as well as their will to fight. A force to be reckoned with.

Memories of Despair: Horrible memories of your past flash before your eyes nonstop, making it appear like Khrona is warping. It only works when you're close, and Khrona can escape from anything so long as he does it before you hit.

Touch of Despair: A cut from Despair's glowing razor drains the life out of whatever she may touch, making it withered and decrepit as well as restores her own energies.

Negative Wipe: Erases whatever is in the way of the blade clean and simple. Almost impossible to counter or block.

Negative Spark: Sends Soul Wavelength through body and then excretes it in the form of powerful electrical currents.

Abilities of the Rejection and Despair Souls

Rejection Soul: This soul is able to make shields spontaneously out of nowhere or wherever a hand is waves. Also, if this soul wavelength is focused into a physical attack, it can cause a super powerful force to knock you away. Another thing, Khrona is able to transmute this Rejection soul into shapes such as domes and boxes. The domes are made to curve and then reflect attacks back at them, or close into a complete sphere and seal attacks while the boxes are to seal an opponent in a box of the Rejection Soul. Since everything about it is rejected, no attacks will be able to touch it and will be instantly forced back upon the user. The user cannot physically touch it because they will instantly be forced away, regardless of their power.

Despair Soul: This gives Khrona the ability to increase the size of himself infinitely. This would allow Khrona to engulf everything inside of him, making his insanity corrupt it all. Also, the despair soul may cause dysfunction in the minds of the foe, making their thoughts very horrid and corrupt, which would also hinder their movement by a bit... only if physical contact is made. A special ability of Despair's soul in general is to make slicing cuts that explode on contact. She or Khrona can transfer this soul energy into whatever they need to, so if Khrona cut with Misery while having Despair's soul transfer into her, Misery's slashes would explode. Another thing it can do, if Despair puts her soul wavelength inside of you, the despair will devour and deteriorate your emotions, not only making you lose your will to fight or do anything, but have Despair regain power to fight. Another thing this soul can do, the Internal Shock, involves Despair physically touching you and electrocuting you by sending her Soul Wavelength through you, however unlike normal Soul Wavelengths, this one has the ability to stop your nerves or your organs from functioning as well as hinder your ability to think.
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Misery Des Gloomi & Despair La Discord
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