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Warped and distorted to the point of no return; separated from most others... The old and new clash in a contest of wills... This is Distorted Reality
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Sat May 15, 2010 8:49 pm by Reia Ruan
You heard me right, bitch. <3

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 Kenji's Dark Power

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PostSubject: Kenji's Dark Power   Sat Apr 25, 2009 8:40 pm

Darkness manipulation- The ability to manipulate the darkness in the area. Manipulating darkness takes more chakra than manipulating sound.

Dark Void- The name is scarier than the move. An Orb of darkness is formed in the hand, and can be shot out. this can be done in succession.

Darkness- Mixes darkness with his own sound waves, then spreads them throughout the field, causing it to make the area darker, thus being hard to see.

Assault- This is when Mikazuya gets Physical. He engulfs his arms and what not in darkness, powering every phsical attack with its power.

Scatter- Creates multiple feathers of darkness and spreads them out. These feathers can form to help stop/block attacks, as well as dart at the opponent, becoming sharper than average swords are.

Darkness Barrier- after focusing Darkness to his hands or feet, Mikazuya can wave his arm, or what ever other part of the body, to create a screen of darkness to block attacks. this only creates a screen in the area that the hand or whatever waved across.

Shadow Genisis Jutsu: I can bin my body right along with the shadows

Fukigito Jutsu:Is my GenJutsu That effects you in the real world.Its just were i strike you with 0ne thousand blades in your minor pressure poinhts leaving you immobileized for 7 hrs.

Shadow Hell Jutsu:Black FireBall That Comes Out My Mouth.

Kukiro Jutsu:Is anoter one of my GenJutsu,That Show's your death by me or by someone else
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Kenji's Dark Power
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