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Sat May 15, 2010 8:49 pm by Reia Ruan
You heard me right, bitch. <3

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Reality's Insanity

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PostSubject: THE WITCHES AND WITCHLING RULES.   Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:07 am

Ahem, so, as of recently, as my Kage partner and I were discussing Soul Eater, we realized that people will want to make their weapons into Death Scythes and to do that you need 99 souls and 1 witch soul, so Witches needed to be accessible in their own groups. SO. WITCHES HAVE NOW BECOME ACCESSIBLE. There will be rules, however. YOU MAY ONLY RP WITCHES WITH SPECIAL ANIMAL TRIBUTES (Like Medusa has Snake/Vectors and Eruka has Frogs) AND YOU MAY HAVE ONLY ONE ELEMENTAL CONTROL. Also, if you do not have an animal theme, you may have the theme of an inanimate object (Such as Blair, who has Pumpkins, even though she's... a cat witch.) The only exceptions will be witches straight from other anime (Such as Evangeline, who does not have an animal theme.) SO, YOU MAY HAVE AN ANIMAL THEME WITH THE SAME MAGIC AS THAT THEME, YOU MAY HAVE AN INANIMATE OBJECT THEME WITH AN INANIMATE OBJECT THEME AND YOU MAY HAVE ONE SPECIFIC ELEMENTAL MAGIC. Ex. Witchy; Animal Magic: Chicken; Inanimate Object Magic: Glass; Element: Water.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE AN EVIL WITCH, YOU MUST FIRST CONTACT A SANNIN OR KAGE. If you would like to be a good witch, you must start out as a Witchling and work your way up to Witch as if you were a Genin. ONE MORE THING. Witches will only be able to rank Witchlings into becoming Witches. One more thing is, Witchlings may have the same rank as Genin to Special Jounin. Full Witches have a rank equal to Jounin and higher. Refer to the bottom for the Witchling/Witch soul ranks.

BEFORE ANYONE ASKS, THERE WILL BE NO WIZARDS. Take your WoW having asses to another site. Level 100 Mohawk Wizard Warrior Mr. T lookin--

So anyway. All of the evil witches will die eventually and the good witches may side with the ninja if they please. Note that your magic will work just the same chakra power does, so be sure to keep track of how much you use, how much is taken, and how much you have to begin with.

OHOHOHOH. BEFORE I GET QUESTIONS ABOUT CONVERTING. You CAN convert into a Witch if you are a Ninja, but there is a price. One; You may only keep the Jutsu that are signified by your Kekkei Genkai (For example, if your Kekkei Genkai is Fire and you use a bit of Ice as well, if you become a witch, you will have no ice, only fire) and if you are a witch, you are forbidden from using Soul Partners unless approved by a Kage.

LAST THING FOR THE MOMENT, THE POWER OF WITCHLINGS AND WITCHES. Your power will be determined based on how many souls you have yourself. Souls provide witches and witchlings with stronger powers that allow them to possess more abilities. Once a Witchling reaches 50 souls, that Witchling will be eligible to become a Witch, though there may be some special cases where Witchlings may be ranked by Witches and become Witches without having 50 souls, but it is a very rare occurrence. A witch with 100+ souls will be dubbed very powerful and a force to be reckoned with, so yeah. Keep track of your souls, witches.

That is all for now. Here are the Witchling/Witch Soul ranks.

1-10 souls = Genin rank.

11-25 souls = Chuunin rank.

26-50 souls = Special Jounin rank.

(Good) Witches:
1-10 souls = Genin rank.

11-20 souls = Chuunin rank.

21-40 souls = Special Jounin rank.

41-50 souls = Jounin rank.

51-70 = Anbu rank.

71-99 = Sannin rank.

100+ = Kage rank.

These ranks only symbolize your power level. Nothing more.

The limit for souls a day that a Witchling/Witch may collect is 10 unless a special occasion/event is specified... but even then, I doubt that it will be possible to retrieve that many souls in a day. But, whatever, gotta have rules, right? Follow them or you die. Have a nice day.
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